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Thathuso Group, a South African based company formed on a solid and strong culture of client-centric driven approach. Our company has since its inception modelled its services offerings based on market research and socio-economic environmental evaluation.

At Thathuso Group, we understand that business and customer needs changes all the time, which is why we have introduced various units within our company to address ever-changing environment.

Value Proposition Efficient and Effective Media Distribution and Supply. Maintenance of Quality and High Services Standards. Excellent Services Provision at All Times. Responsive to Customer Needs and Requirements

Our company interest range from media distribution, media monitoring, aviation and electronics. Each unit runs independently and receive strong support from the group where the need arises.

Our value proposition is underpinned by strong research in each units and significant investment in technological invocation. We believe that our invest assist us to be more effective and efficient and better understand our market segments.

Our Service

Thathuso Group has since 2004 diversified its portfolio offerings and established independent units responsible for various services/products offerings. Thathuso Group has specialist and professional for each unit responsible for our services and products offerings.

Media Monitoring

Thathuso Media specialises in media monitoring services. We monitoring television, radio, social media and print. Our media monitoring services enables our clients to track their brand and services offering. “Get to know what we say about you” “ News in real-time”

Newspaper Subs

We offer more than 120 South African newspapers and magazines and distribute in all major cities. We also offer online newspaper, with more than 5000 South African and international newspapers and magazines. Our online is exact replica of print newspaper and can read via iPhone, iPad and any compatible device. “ Newspaper delivered at your door-step” “Try our corporate subscription and save”


Thathuso Electronics a division of the group was established in 2010 and currently offers range of services and products for institutions and civilian companies. We offer range of communication and electronic devices.

Our partnership with our local and international partners has positioned us to have access to new communication and electronic devices promptly. Most of our equipment’s are for armed forces and public institutions.

Our strategic position is guided by our values and ethos guided by our commitment to offer solutions to our customers and assist them with competitive positioning.

We also offer range of electronic systems which includes signal intelligence and data links. Some of our products include night vision laser, optronics targeting and thermal imaging.


We offered range of civilian and military headsets customised to suite clients’ operational environment.


Our partnership with international partners has enabled us offer a wide range of radar systems.

Airfield lights and beacons

We have a range of airfield beacon lights which some of them are rechargeable


More About Thathuso

Thathuso Group firmly believes sound corporate governance is at the core of our business and best position us to be a global leader in our areas of operations.
Our management values and ethos are what drives Thathuso strategic objectives and they are premised on sound and solid principles characterised by fairness, integrity, transparency, responsibility and accountability. Our ethical principles with our stakeholders are essential and our clients are part of our company strategic objectives.
Our relationships with strategic partners are based on mutual and fair business relationship aimed at enhancing each other’s competitive edge.

Our management are committed to ethos and value that seeks to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of our clients. We do not see ourselves as rendering services to our clients, rather part of a solution to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Thathuso Group places training and development at the core of our company operations. We firmly believe that technological evolution and enhancements propels us to ensure that our staff is ahead of their game. Annual staff training and development coupled with series of workshops is part of our strategic proposition.

Our group has established a dedicated customer units that deals with customer related issues. This units forwards requests/complaints to relevant company’s units and our services standards enables to monitor requests and complaints in promptly.

How to Reach Us?

  • Head Office

    Wierda Crest Estate,

    Rooihuiskraal North,

    Centurion, SA

    Tel: 0861 111 321

    Fax: 086 502 8400

    Email thathuso@thathuso.com

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